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Temporary Range Closures

March 18-May 30

Range is CLOSED Monday-Thursday 7:00am-5:30pm

Range is OPEN - Monday-Thursday 5:30pm-Dark,

All Day Friday, Saturday and Sunday


Five Valley's Archery Club

Our Mission

The Five Valleys Archery Club has been serving Missoula and the surrounding area for over 40 years providing a safe and fun place to shoot your bows of all types. Along with our year round range, Five Valleys Archery Club holds annual competitive 3D shoots for shooters of all skill levels. Each shoot offers categories from kids under five years of age all the way up to seniors. We hope to see you out on the range or at an upcoming shoot!


Interested in becoming a volunteer or helping at the range?

Email us:

Our Range is open from Dusk to Dawn
7 Days a week. You will receive a 
gate code to enter the range once you
become a member. The archery range
property is leased to us by Northwestern
Energy and is maintained by the Five 
Valleys Archery Club board members. All 
targets are owned by the club. The range
fees help maintain the range and the targets. 

Range Rules​: Any Violation can cost you your membership
1. Anyone caught sharing gate code with non-members can cost you your membership 
2. No Firearms or Hunting, No Crossbows
3. All Dogs must be on a leash
4. No Smoking of any kind on range or parking lot
5. Do not shoot into the power poles
6. Broadheads only allowed at the broadhead pit
7. Keep all gates closed unless there is an event
8. Anyone caught trespassing on adjacent property will be prosecuted
9. Pack it in-Pack it out
10. Park in designated areas only
11. Sign In
12. Storage trailers accessible by board members only
13. No Drugs or Alcohol allowed at the range
**By Choosing to be a Member you agree to accept responsibility for your own safety**

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